Cold gear essentials from Carhartt....Winter Workwear that works hard.

Carhartt Cold Gear from Tinker and FixWhether or not 'Winter is Coming' or it's already arrived, Carhartt workwear is the perfect solution to cold, or just dank and muddy winter months - for the garage, workshop or garden. 

Always designed for labour, the original Caharrtt is proper work wear - with great quality, that’s made to last and designed with actual work (rather than just looking good) in mind. 

Our 'cold gear essentials' from Carhartt are: the brilliant Bib Overalls, the essential Carhartt Beanie, the useful Artic Vest, and the classic Carhartt Detroit Jacket. And here's why... 

1. The staple - Carhartt overalls - are perfect for winter, as you can put layers of clothing underneath. You can buy them slightly bigger and put jeans or thermals underneath - which then makes them cooler in the summer months (so it's a win-win!).  These renowned overalls, that last for ages and get better with age come in two different fits or styles: 

  • the unisex or men's versions (called the Carhartt R01 Duck overalls - not the catchiest of names!)  They come in either Carhartt brown or black and are a heavier weight fabric that needs breaking in. 
  • the women's fit Carhartt Crawford overalls in two colour-ways (Carhartt brown and dark brown) which are a lighter weight fabric (feel softer than the 'Duck' overalls) and which are shaped for women (with more room for hips and busts).

But of course anyone can wear which ever ones they prefer they prefer (fit and style). As the women's version comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large - we often have women with longer or shorter legs going for the unisex version, because they are sold by waist and leg size. Equally, we've had some men buy the Carhartt women's overalls becuase they prefer the softer fabric. 

2. Carhartt beanies They have been making these beanies since 1987.  Originally designed as a workwear essential they soon became a go-to favourite for anybody when the temperature drops. It's definitely a class winter warmer  (they are even called the Carhartt Classic Watch Beanie, as it's the original beanie) and we've got them in a range of colours that will hopefully brighten and lift your wintery mood.

3. The Carhartt Arctic Vest. Its name says it all - it's the perfect garment for when you need a bit of warmth when you’re working outside on cold but dry days. Here are the two reasons why we reckon putting on a vest jacket – like the Carhartt Arctic Vest - has two big benefits...  
  1. It may seem counter intuitive to put on a vest jacket when it's cold. Given it doesn’t have any sleeves and therefore exposes your arms to the cold weather when you’re in the garden, workshop or garage during the winter months. But wearing a sleeveless jacket keeps your core temperature warm – which means that your extremities (hand/feet) stay warm too. Essentially, by keeping your core insulated and toasty warm, your blood flow remains constant across your body. When your core temperature drops, your body reacts and reduces the blood flow to your extremities in order to protect your key organs. So – just because it doesn’t have sleeves, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be cold.
  2. The key benefit – we reckon – is that a vest jacket gives you much more freedom to move your arms around – which is (obviously) a really key clothing feature when you are doing DIY, or working in a workshop, garage or whilst gardening. The cut of the Carhartt Artic Vest allows you to move your arms freely – and its shorter front and longer back means you don't get folds of fabric around your waist when bending forward, but your lower back stays covered.

4. And when you want your arms covered... when the Artic Vest isn't enough for you - then it's over to the Carhartt Detroit Jacket to keep you warm. 

So, our recommendation to keep warm is to get your Carhartt on!

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