Co-piloting Tinker and Fix

The Tinker and Fix teamMany moons ago we said ‘I do’ to each other - way before Tinker and Fix was a ‘thing’. On that October 9th (18 years ago!), we vowed a few things to each other. One of which was the promise to ‘co-pilot’ our future lives and adventures, whatever direction they should end up taking.
Who would have known that this co-pilot phrase would end up being so very apt - because this is exactly what we do at Tinker and Fix. We jointly run the company - decisions are run past each other and we use a ‘double opt in policy’ - so we both have to agree or it just doesn’t happen.  Yes, this is time consuming and tricky to navigate sometimes - but we make it work. 
So when we stock something, it’s because we both rate it, have an opinion on it and would recommend it for you to buy, or to give as a gift for the Tinkerer, Fixer, gardener or DIY’er in your life. This applies to EVERYTHING we stock - the particular tools we choose from the range of Sneeboer, the Niwaki secateurs, snips and garden pruning tools, or the Carhartt workwear, Japanese toolboxes from Trusco or Toyo, or the range of Opinel and Leatherman multi tools. 

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