Christmas is coming (albeit it’s a long way away still!)

Christmas gifts from Tinker and Fix - available now

We sold our first Christmas card this week. We were quite surprised to be honest. Not that someone wants one of our Christmas cards (they are a great design), but that people are that organised! Perhaps this is because we, personally, only really begin thinking about Christmas in November, once Halloween (and the legitimate reason to re-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is over. 

But Christmas has definitely crept up on us early… on the way down to Goodwood, I heard my first Christmas on song the radio. I changed the channel. Too soon. And too Mariah Carey.  I thought it was an anomaly and then our local garden centre (which is renowned for its Xmas displays) had its official Christmas opening last weekend (it was only JUST October). Even Santa Claus was present. This seemed to divide Rutlanders.  ‘Brilliant news’ thought some eager to bring on the festive celebrations after last year’s restrictions. ‘Too soon’ cried many – probably including quite a lot of parents who don’t want to be repeatedly asked ‘is it nearly time to open my Christmas presents’ for the next three months.  

At the time of writing, there are still about 75 shopping days until Christmas. Which is a lot, but we are absolutely not complaining – if you want to beat the rush, to avoid snarl ups with  supply, and to help us pick and pack presents a bit earlier – then great news (and we have some ideas for you here). If like us, you’ve got to dig out the vampire costume and decorations first, no fear, we’ll still be here to help you sort your gifts out in November (and December!)


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