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Tinker and Fix solves christmas present problems for gardeners, makers, menders

Christmas is coming.... Christmas is coming.... 

We love Christmas in the Tinker and Fix house. That's because we like helping people to chose the best Christmas presents - for those who like gardening, making and mending. Sometimes they can be perceived to be tricky people to buy a gift for, but we don't think so! Give them a good tool, something useful, beautifully made, brilliantly useful - and they will be happy on Christmas day! We know, we are these people, and we'd love to get any of the things we sell as a gift!

So where are we heading to?... 

Cotswold Christmas Fair - Evenlode Grounds - 6th to 9th November
It might only be the start of November but this is a great gift show to start of your Christmas present buying.  We're back for our second year. To get your tickets and find out more visit their website

Burghley House Christmas Fair - 23rd to 26th November
We'll have our Christmas chalet once again in the Chestnut Courtyard .... hopefully the snow machines will be out again this year. To get your tickets visit their website - they are open in the evening too, which is a great vibe if you fancy some mulled wine and late night Christmas shopping.

Country Living Christmas Fair, Harrogate - 30th Nov to 3rd December
This is a new one for us and we'll be bringing our tools and kit to Harrogate for alternative Christmas gift ideas. Get your tickets or more info here 

Please do remember - if you want to look at something specific, let us know as we don't always bring everything that's on the website (just as we don't always have all the space for everything from Niwaki garden tools, Sneeboer gardening tools, Opinel, Carhartt, Fedeca penknife kits, King Dick spanners, Elementary screwdrivers, Leatherman, Hultafors, Otterwax, Redecker brushes, Toyo Toolboxes). 

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