Carhartt Crawford overalls are FINALLY back in stock!

Carhartt womens overalls in stock and available in all sizes and colours at Tinker and Fix

At LONG LAST - the Carhartt Crawford overalls are finally back in stock! We have been waiting for these for a year - so we are really pleased to have all sizes and both colour-ways (Carhartt brown and dark brown) now available. 

As we also have the unisex or men's versions in stock too (called the Carhartt R01 Duck overalls - not the catchiest of names!)  They come in either Carhartt brown or black.

Simply put, the Carhartt Crawford bib overalls are shaped for women (with more room for hips and busts) but you can wear which ever suit you better. As the women's version comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large - we often have women with longer or shorter legs going for the unisex version, because they are sold by waist and leg size. Equally, we've had some men buy the Carhartt women's overalls becuase they prefer the softer fabric (the Carhartt R01 Duck bib overalls are made of a fabric that needs 'breaking in'). 

So - we are fully stocked - if you have been waiting - you can now get them in readiness for your Autumn and Winter gardening, or for using in and around the workshop and garage - they really are the perfect work clothes!

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