Carhartt clothing - catch it when you can!

man wearing carhartt bib overalls doing DIY

We love Carhartt workwear in the Tinker and Fix house. Edd now continuously rotates between wearing the trousers and the bib overalls. And I'm sat in the Carhartt women's overalls as I type (I was in the garage this morning - I'm not quite at the stage of putting them on to just wear in the office!) 

 But they really do epitomise the phrase, 'good things come to those who wait'. Because some Carhartt product lines are still really difficult to get hold of - and it seems they are the ones we, at Tinker and Fix, love and rate!

We know this is causing a fair bit of frustration (from email conversations) - so we thought we'd give you a quick summary to hopefully help anyone who is looking to buy some Carhartt workwear: 

Good news first: The bib overalls - we have a great selection of sizes (in black and carhartt brown) for the RO1 bib overalls. These are the original mens or unisex fit.

Followed by bad news: the women's stock of Carhartt Crawford bib overalls is delayed - we don't know when we'll get them but we have a lot on order in a variety of different sizes that we hope we will have soon. At the time of writing this, we only have a couple of pairs of the Crawford overalls left in stock- (large in Carhartt brown and small in dark brown) and one pair of XS in the Carhartt denim overalls. 

And then the most frustrating news: Carhartt Aprons - in black or Carhartt brown - who knows when we'll get these. Sorry that we can't be more clear but we've had these workwear aprons on order for ages (the carhartt brown ones particularly) and our delivery date just keeps getting pushed back. 

Finally...whilst we have less demand for them at the moment (they are usually gifts for Christmas rather than people treating themselves) - the Carhartt tool bag is also out of stock at the moment. FInger's crossed they'll arrive by November and gift buying season - but who knows! 

The key message is - if you want something that is from Carhartt (or anything else on the website) just let us know - and we can add you to our waiting lists! There's absolutely no obligation to buy it if you find it elsewhere in the meantime (although it would be great if you could support small local businesses at this time!) 

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