Buy your Christmas gifts from us at Burghley this weekend!

We are really looking forward to opening up our Christmas chalet once again at the Burghley House Christmas Fair this weekend. It's running from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th November - and it even opens up late - for some late night Christmas shopping!

We'll be in the same spot in the Chestnut Courtyard .... hopefully the snow machines will be out again this year (because it's not really Christmas unless it's snowy, cold and there's some hot choc or mulled wine to get you in the present buying mood!)

As this is a local event to us, we can absolutely bring along extra stock, that we haven't got on the stand. So - if you do have something particular in mind, please let us know, we'll bring it with us, you can have a look and no issue at all if you don't want to buy it. We know that we won't be able to bring our entire Sneeboer range of gardening tools - so just let us know (yes we'll have the Dutch Trowel there, but we may not have space for all three handle options!). And yes we'll have Niwaki, Opinel and Leatherman - but we might just bring a few of each. 

To get your tickets visit their website. And it's a seriously festive and fun event - we did really enjoy the vibe of the evening shopping (music, mulled wine and late night Christmas shopping - what more could you want?!) 

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