Black Whiteley's are BACK in stock!

Black Whiteley's Scissors are back in stock at Tinker and FixWe are pleased that Whitely's black scissors are now back in stock!
All the Whiteley' Scissors and snips are excellent quality. Given they are made in England in Sheffield, the home of steel, we wouldn't expect anything less. 

The ones in the range that we particularly rate are the black ones. Not just becuase they look great, but - most importantly - the coating makes the blades extra durable. The teflon improves their durability and prevents adhesives and tape from sticking to the outside.

As with most things, the best things take a little longer to make.  The extra surface treatment is additional step in the manufacturing process - so there's usually a little delay in getting these in stock. 

We stock four of their range in black: 

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