Black Friday - Tinker and Fix style!

Black Friday Hori Hori from Tinker and Fix We’ve made it our own tradition to launch a limited edition product each Black Friday.  The only caveat is that it’s got to be black..
So this year we’ve erased the colour (well almost) from one of the stainless steel Hori Hori’s we import from Japan.
The wooden handle has been blackened with flame in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban style.
The sheath is handmade by us using 3mm Veg tan leather … dyed black and with black thread … obviously.
This project turned out really well and we've decided to run this product slightly differently.  You'll be able to order them starting at 9am on Black Friday and finishing on Monday 27th November.  We'll then produce them as a batch with the aim of shipping them by Friday 8th December.  Still plenty of time for Christmas, but shipping won't be straightaway after placing your order.

If you don't already know - Hori Hori's are stainless steel Japanese garden trowels - made in Japan.  They are great for general weeding and digging around the garden.  They have a full bevel edge on one side and one third of the other.  They are a sharp edge - but not a knife edge.  The bevel is designed to help the Hori Hori cut through the soil as you dig.  More information on the Hori Hori, or if you'd like to buy a 'standard' version, they can be found here.

This whole culture of "Black Friday" sucks...

It came about as a term used by American retailers to mark the point in the year when they moved from the "red" into the "black."  That's right - a lot of retailers operate at a loss until the sale weekend after Thanksgiving.  Then they have the run until the end of the year to make a profit.  That just seems like complete madness to us.

Anyway ... you aren't going to find any discounts from us now, or at anytime of the year.  You can have a read about that here.

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