Best Buy accolade for our Karma gloves

best buy garden gloves recommended by Women's Weekly available from Tinker and Fix

It's always a good day in Tinker and Fix HQ when one of our products gets a bit of recognition. We spend a long time carefully selecting the tools and kit that we sell, we try and test everything to really get to know how well it works and if we recommend it. 

The gardening gloves are definitely one area that have had more testing than most - because they are so frequently worn, and because we didn't just want to sell gloves, we wanted to sell gloves that we rate and use. We have tried and tested a fair few before we landed on Watson's gloves (a Canadian company who have been making gloves since 1918 and who really know how to design hardwearing, and good fitting, gloves), and selected just a handful (excuse the pun) of gloves from their massive range. 

So when any magazine or gardening writer picks up our garden gloves and decides to feature it, we are really happy.  The most recent being 'My Weekly' magazine - with Susie White describing the gloves as a 'best buy'. It's always super useful to read other people's thoughts too - experts who see things in a different way. The fact she highlighted that she liked the purple becuase they are less likely to get lost is great - I'd always been slightly against the purple because I saw it through the lens of 'being designed for women' and the inevitable 'shrink it and pink it' approach.  The fact that the men's version is called the Watson’s Hero  and the women's version are called Karma gloves does irk us (and yes, we've told Watson's - so we aren't saying anything out of turn here!) So - off my high horse, and back to practical matters, Susie is right to say they are less losable in her review and it's nice to receive positive praise for the gloves overall. 

These eco gloves are really good for gardening - not just because they are eco (they are made from a yarn called Waste Not which is from recycled plastic bottles), but because they are great gloves. Some jobs around the garden don’t require a heavy glove, but just a bit of light protection for your hands (especially for people like Edd who gets contact dermatitis – no idea which plant it is, so he’s safer off wearing gloves at all times).  But we didn’t just want to use or stock a ‘cheap’ pair of gardening gloves that would end up as landfill at the end of the season. Watson’s Hero or  Karma gloves  are a great solution – they wear well (yes they aren't indestructible, but they do last a good amount of time) and (unlike other cheap gardening gloves) they fit really well thanks to their tight, long cuff. 

Overall, they are a great buy - for whatever reason you choose: because we rate them, because other gardeners and journalists recommend them, or becuase they are eco-friendly (if you want more information about their eco-credentials, read here).


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