Been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee?

So as the Great British Sewing Bee has come to its end, I get the usual 'itch' to be better at sewing and to make something from scratch. 

I'm not talented in the sewing department*. Edd's stitching of leather is skilled - and what he's making from leather is really impressive (yes, I know I'm biased, but others people say it too - so believe them, if you don't me).

Merchant and Mills sewing books available from Tinker and Fix - great gift for sewers

I think confidence and competence are closely linked - and that's where a good book can help. We definitely recommend the Merchant and Mills books - for giving some great ideas and for offering a step by step sewing guide too. We stock both: 

The Sewing Book is a particularly good gift (we've given it to numerous people) as it's a bit like a cook book, you like reading it, and eventually when you get round to making something, you love the book even more!

And of course, for any aspiring, budding, regular or pro sewer, we can heartedly recommend Whiteley's Scissors as great additions to your own sewing kit, or as an amazing gift for the sewer in your life: 

*Fear not, all the sewing kit we recommend has been sense checked and validated by friends who ARE good at this - read more here if you're interested. 



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