Bank Holiday weekend DIY? Do you do it?

Showing the best quality tools to use for Bank Holiday DIY - Elementary screwdrivers, Eco Union paintbrushes, Painted Hammer and King Dick Spanners

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Bank Holiday weekends are the only time the general public think about, or even do DIY.

One quick Google shows that most newspapers, magazines and retailers have various articles about what DIY to tackle over the Easter weekend. It’s all about 'how to make the most of the long weekend’, or ‘6 DIY jobs for the bank holiday weekend’. Obviously, if you head over to one of your social feeds you won’t find ideas, but instead ‘hacks’. We checked with our digital native 14-year-old and, apparently, it’s the same thing, just ‘for younger or cooler people’.  That’s us out on both counts.

We certainly don’t have any ‘hacks’, ideas or inspiration for DIY this Bank Holiday weekend. But, instead, we can give you a run down of the tools we’ll definitely be using over the weekend:

  • The never ending task of putting up our son’s artwork continues. We don’t want to be ungrateful about his output, or squash his creativity, but Edd hates putting up picture frames. The house isn’t straight, the walls are either too hard or too soft. Using one of our painted hammers doesn’t even take the edge off his dislike for this task.
  • We’ve a stack of paint to use up very quickly (don’t ask – but let’s just say that when we find and test something innovative, that turns out not to be so innovative, we end up having to use it ourselves). So the Eco Union paintbrushes will come very much in use. I'll be painting some walls and some furniture. Guaranteed I’ll also be getting bored - but at least the paintbrushes won’t let me down (unlike the paint).
  • Edd’s building a new workbench for the Tinker and Fix ‘work-shop’. As usual he's making it up from scraps but he's planning to add wheels to move it around. The Elementary screwdriver (both sizes - the stubby for the hard to reach parts and the standard for everything else) will no doubt come in use. 
  • There isn’t currently a plan for any mechanical DIY this weekend, but given we’ll be road tripping at some point, and we’ll be in the Landy, it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll need spanners for something. It’s only a question of time before we know what the ‘clunk’ on the Landy is. And that will no doubt be when it has either fallen off, or broken. No fear, the King Dick Spanners will be ready.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend – whether you are DIY’ing or not.


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