Adjustable spanners - another tool we now sell…

bahco adjustable spanner in stock at Tinker and Fix

We finally decided to bite the bullet and stock an adjustable spanner. But not just ‘any’ adjustable spanner, the special 130th anniversary 8" adjustable spanner from Bahco.

So why did it take us so long given we do use them regularly?

Well they struggle a bit with a bad reputation and using one is often a little frowned upon as they are considered to be a compromise. Of course using the specific size spanner is always a better choice.  However, they do have their place and I would always have one in a tool kit especially if in a vehicle.  They are extremely useful in an emergency repair  It saves me having to carry a full set of metric spanners.  In the case of the Land Rover I'd need to carry both metric and imperial.  A single adjustable spanner can sit there happily until being needed.

Quality is always important when it comes to tools, but especially so with an adjustable spanner.  When they are bad, they are really bad.  Loose jaws that don't hold position are worse that useless.  And soft jaw material is just waiting to round the nut that you are trying to sort out.

In our opinion the Swedish company Bahco (now owned by Snapon) make some of the best quality adjustable spanners.  They should do really,  as they invented them over 130 years ago.  And to celebrate this 130th milestone they made an 8" adjustable spanner (which is made in Spain).   It has everything you need from an adjustable spanner -  a wide jaw which means it can open up to 40mm, plus it has a phosphate finish that’s extremely durable and provides a rust resistant finish.

And it comes in a nice box too. So it makes a good gift for someone you know might have loads of tools already. It’s not about the wrapping, but sometimes it’s a bonus when it’s intended as a gift.

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