Ace of spades?!

Monty Don on Gardeners World Facebook page holding a Sneeboer Dutch TrowelThere’s always something quite compelling reading the comments on social media. Whilst this is absolutely best avoided for any contentious issues, there is (usually) nothing more wholesome than reading the comments from the Facebook fans of Gardeners’ World. Lovers of gardening who are just sharing their thoughts on the programme, what Monty Don or his dogs were doing, and how their own garden is growing.
This week though, it brought up a classic comment - which couldn’t go unmentioned by us... the accompanying image of the Facebook post was Monty using the Sneeboer Old Dutch trowel - a great shot of both Monty and his seemingly favourite garden tool (which we reckon it must be given how many times he’s shown using it on the Gardeners World TV programme?) The Gardeners’ World Facebook fan said something along the lines of ‘what tool is Monty using? Is it the Aces of Spades?’ Now I’m a big fan of pun - and this made me chuckle. Because it’s an accurate description of the Sneeboer trowel - it really does look like an Ace of Spades. More importantly - it is an absolute ‘ace’ trowel made by an ‘ace’ company - Sneeboer - who are at the very top, making some of the world’s finest gardening tools.
So we may have to now use this phrase ourselves. Because we do get asked a lot about the Old Dutch Trowel when we are at gardening shows (or shows generally!) as it looks so distinctive and different from a normal trowel. This weekend - at a plant fair - those ‘in the know’ would point it out and ask if that was Monty Don’s trowel (we may have to just rename it this?!) And those who didn’t know how much it is seen on Gardener’s World would ask what that ‘funny’ garden tool is. I reckon we’ll call it ‘Monty’s Ace of Spades’ from now on... that’ll be a good conversation for the next show (we do prefer chat in real life, rather than online!)

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