A penknife for every pocket

A penknife for every pocket
Penknives are one of Edd's many passions.
One that we have to keep (slightly) in check when it comes to what we stock and sell at Tinker and Fix. Becuase whilst penknives are incredibly useful and practical (and make cracking gifts for Christmas and birthdays), we can't just sell pocket knives - there are other tools out there too for the garage, garden and home! 
So we had planned to NOT stock any new knives. And then Edd came across the Urban Husky knife, made in Sweden by Andersson & Copra, and he had to have one. And then, after using it and seeing the patina of the copper change over time, he wanted to sell them too. We're delighted and proud to be their first UK retailer. Made in either copper or brass, its simplicity is part of its beauty. To really appreciate this knife and get to see it in more detail, have a watch of Edd's instagram video

But just because Edd's eye has been turned by the Urban Husky, it doesn't mean we've fallen out of love with the Opinel, Buck or Leatherman's that we use and sell too. 
So here's our round up of the different penknives we have - there really is something for everyone - a penknife for every pocket...
  • For general pen knife fans - you have two cracking choices - the Opinel black bladed No.8 oak pen knife is great - with a black blade and wooden gift box - this is a perfect penknife gift becuase whilst they have penknives, they may not have one that got a black blade.  Or there is the classic Opinel No. 8 Penknife and Pouch set
  • For gardeners - the Opinel garden knife is cracking - but if you are looking to give a good gardening gift then we are now stocking a garden gift set which includes the garden pen knife and the pruning knife and pruning saw. All in great colours (so you won't lose them!)
  • For people who like to make things, or whittle - then the Fedecca 'make your own penknife' kits are the perfect present. Becuase they can make up their own knife, personalise it as they like - and then it's a great penknife to use afterwards. 
  • For DIY fans - the Opinel DIY penkife is a really natty knife. Ok it is plastic, so it looks different from other Opinel's. But it's got some great little features (including a cable stripper and wire cutter on the blade). 
  • For young Tinker and Fixers - the Opinel round ended safety knife is a great '1st penknife' - we gave one to our son and he still has it to this day. 
  • For fans of everything American - then you really do have to look no further than the Buck Trunk knife. They been a knife producer for over a hundred years and make most of the classic style American folding style hunting knives. Every parcel that gets packed by us is done so using a Buck Trunk!
  • For those who want something a little different, aesthetically, then the Deejo might be for you. They are a homage to the classic french knife, but flat in profile and their colours and etched blades certainly makes them stand out.  Brilliantly sharp, one lives in our pockets most of the time and you forget it's there given it's light weight and flat profile.  
  • And of course - Leathermans are multitools - but also pen knives too - the new Leatherman Bond is the first UK legal carry - so it makes a great gift for Leatherman fans to add to their collection (or a great starting point for someone without a multitool!)
 For a full round up of all our knives, then see our 'Penknife' page. 

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