A new home in Market Harborough Eco Village

Nope, we aren’t eco warriors. Far from it. Yes we routinely fail at being eco more than we should. But it’s hard and at least we keep trying.  We’re not evangelical (we’ve no right - we fly and we’ve four cars).

But we do reckon there’s a shift needed to move to repair things rather than defaulting to re-buying them.  We also think that the whole ‘buy once, buy well’ thing is bang on when you’re talking tools and equipment for making, mending and growing – as it’s kind of perverse to be reducing waste by tinkering and fixing whilst using tools that will be straight to landfill, or even odder to be cultivating a great garden for wildlife when your broken gardening kit will live longer than the trees you’ve planted.

So we’ve joined Market Harborough Eco Village with the amazing Refill Revolution and a selection of other like-minded local enterprises. It’s nice to find a home for Tinker and Fix and to have a great space, outside of our garage, that we can meet people and talk tools.


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