A new batch of Skatewood Hori Hori's just arrived!

Skatewood Hori Horis at Tinker and Fix

We continue our love affair with using recycled Skatewood in tool handles... it surprises us how each time we get a new batch we are newly impressed.

It happened again this week when Ben (@afterlifebf) dropped round to Tinker and Fix HQ with our newest  Skatewood Hori Hori's!

I think it's because they always look slightly different - it's their uniqueness that makes them so special. And when you see them all laid out, you get thinking which one you like the most - and Edd and I always have different favourites (I love the vertical and this batch Edd likes horizontal!)

Regardless of their pattern, all the Hori-Hori handles are all made the same way - using Skatewood which is made by laminating recycled skateboard decks into more usable blocks.  Skateboards are made from high quality laminated Maple sheets, and they are usually also highly coloured.  Recycling this material isn't an easy process. Firstly you have to have a good supply of damaged skateboards, then you have to go through the laborious process of removing the grip tape and then glueing them into larger blocks before you can begin to shape them.  

All the effort is worth the time and effort because you end up with all the benefits of a Hori Hori Garden Knife - but with the added bonus of it looking unique.  We reckon there are 3 reasons for buying a skatewood Hori Hori:

  1. As well as the coloured layers looking amazing, it means that when applied to garden tool handles you are (hopefully) far more likely to be able to see them once you've put down in a border or on the veg patch. So yes - they look great (especially when given as a gift to the gardener in your life for their birthday or Christmas) but the way they look does actually help if you have a tendency to lose your tools when gardening!
  2. This particular Hori Hori is a good one to chose because it's serrated (great for turf cutting and plant dividing) and it is stainless steel (so it won't rust). If you want to check out the difference between all the Hori Hori gardening trowels we sell, then you need to check out our other Chat
  3. A lot of gardeners have come to love their Hori-Hori. Originally bought as an interesting garden tool, you fast realise it's rarely out of your hand in the garden. So, having used one, you may now want an upgrade... one that's unique. 

This Hori-Hori is a heavy duty one which moves away slightly from the traditional Japanese design. The reason we use this hori hori design is because of its full tang construction, which made the process of re-handling it more straightforward and robust.

Of course, if you do want a basic Hori-Hori, we've got you covered - as we stock four different versions (all of which we rate for different reasons): the Niwaki Hori Hori, the Barebones Hori Hori and two stainless steel Hori Hori's (one serrated, one not) that we bring in directly from Japan. 

Or, if you've already got one of our Skatewood Hori-Hori's and you've caught the bug for gorgeous garden tools, then why not have a look at our  Sneeboer  Transplanting trowel !


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