Watson Gloves - Perfect 10 Women's Gardening Glove

Watson Gloves - Perfect 10 Women's Gardening Glove

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Louise tends to find she blows through the ends of fingers on gloves.  That's because she has relatively long nails, and after time they do damage most gloves.  This is especially the case with gardening gloves, where a fair amount on pressure is placed on the finger tips.

Watson Gloves have addressed this common issue with the Perfect 10, which features what they are calling NailGuard technology.  In simple terms the finger tips of these gloves are multi-layer and reinforced.  This is both to stop the ends being damaged but also to offer further protection to nails.

 We've decided to stock the longer gauntlet style glove.  Whilst not as heavy duty as the Game of Thorns gauntlet, these still provide a good level of forearm protection from roses and brambles.

For sizing we recommend that you download a printable guide here.  When printed this allows you to physically work out which size is best for you.