Propagation Kit No 1
Propagation Kit No 1
Propagation Kit No 1
Propagation Kit No 1
Propagation Kit No 1

Propagation Kit No 1

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Taking cuttings and propagating new plants is extremely rewarding, both from a satisfaction and financial point of view.

Like most jobs having the right tools to hand improves both the enjoyment and your success rate.

Clean and sharp cutting tools are your starting point.  A clean cut helps reduce the risk of fungal infection on both the plant you've taken the cutting from, and the cutting itself.  

In this kit you'll find a pair of Niwaki Forged Snips.  These are a heavy duty as a pair of secateurs but for taking cuttings they do a great job.

The Opinel No8 Garden Knife is a straight bladed all rounder.  It can be used for taking cuttings but is most useful if you intend to do any leaf cuttings that require cutting on a flat surface.  

Keeping both the snips and pocket knife sharp is important so you'll get an Opinel sharpening stone in the kit as well.  This is a small stone - so works well on the snips as well as the pocket knife.

The kit also includes two of our Gardeners Pencils.  These double up as a dibber to make a planting hole and a pencil to mark up your labels.

Also included is a Large component box from Japanese firm Toyo Steel.  There are a few colour options for you to select.

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