Opinel No 4 Keyring pocket knife

Opinel No 4 Keyring pocket knife

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So the reason we're stocking this small Opinel is that we've had a few questions from customers about a legal UK carry pocket knife.

The Opinel No6 is still my personal favourite pocket knife, but although the blade length is ok the Virobloc locking ring does mean its a locking knife.  That means its non legal UK carry.

This No4 does not have the Virobloc ring and the blade length is 5cm - so it ticks the legal carry buttons and the keyring chain is a nice addition.

It's a small and light knife.  The Beech handle is a little over 6cm.  The stainless steel blade is also thinner than the larger Opinel knives - which does mean it can take an almost razor sharp edge.

It's small in my hand but its a very functional and useful knife to have on you all the time.