King Dick 11 Drawer Roller Cabinet
King Dick 11 Drawer Roller Cabinet

King Dick 11 Drawer Roller Cabinet

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I've been for a few meetings with King Dick at their factory near Birmingham.  Their meeting room doubles as a show room ... which isn't great for my concentration as I'm easily distracted at the best of times.  Let alone when surrounded by tools.

Along one wall is a display of their roller cabinets and top chests.  At first I assumed they were generic items that they'd sourced and applied their logos.  I should have known better than that being the case with King Dick.

It turns out they have them made here in the UK - sourcing elements from three different manufacturers, to build what they believe is the best product on the market.

This is an 11 draw long wheelbase roller cabinet.  Measuring 1067mm x 472mm x 1007mm.  It starts with a high grade, heavy duty welded double skinned chassis.  Designed to reduce flex, and to have a top surface strong enough to use as a work surface.

The draws all run on ball bearing slides, with extruded aluminium drawer pulls.  Spares are available for all elements so if you damage a draw, replacing that part isn't an issue.

Heavy duty high load rated wheels, 2 with steering and brakes.

Supplied with a heavy duty top surface mat and anti slip mats in each drawer.

The standard colour is gloss Black - I know it confusing that we are showing an image of it in gloss Blue - we'll get some new photo's sorted soon.  Custom colours are an option - so if you'd like it to match your car or brand then just get in touch.  There is an additional cost for one off colours.

These are sturdy units and weigh just under 100 Kg.  As a result delivery is on a pallet.  Please get in contact to discuss delivery options.

Feel free to get in contact with us via and we can call you back to talk you through the options.

 ** We don't hold these units in stock but delivery can be arranged quickly.**