Hori Hori Bulb Planting kit
Hori Hori Bulb Planting kit

Hori Hori Bulb Planting kit

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We're relatively lazy bulb planters and have never liked the bulb planters that remove a cylinder of soil.  That's mainly because we are on clay and they just don't seem to work very well.

We've used various Hori Hori's for a couple of years.  They are sharp enough to cut a hole into the soil and drop in a bulb.

It might not be the perfect method but it works well for us.

For larger bulbs we open up the hole a little with a large dibber.

In this kit you'll receive the following;

  • a standard stainless steel Hori Hori, made in Japan.  These have been flame treated in the Shou Sugi Ban style.
  • a wooden dibber.  Made for us in Kenya by a family friend.  It is 23cm in overall length and 4.5cm diameter.  The marks are 2.5cm apart
Bulb planting with Hori-Hori Japanese Trowel - a blog from Tinker and Fix

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